Hi everyone!

My name is Patrick and I’m an outdoor instructor from Ireland who is studying here in Linköping until next June. Here is a link to my Linkedin for anyone who wants to know more about me/my qualifications: www.linkedin.com/in/patrickcolemanoe

I have been talking to Andreas from Linsurf and I am excited to have the opportunity to offer windsurfing lessons! We are lucky to have the use of two beginner boards and the safety boat belonging to the club. The price will be 200 sek for members and 250 sek for non members for a 2 hour lesson. The group size will be 1-2 people.

The level of the lessons will primarily be from complete beginner but can go right up to planing, water start, using foot straps and harness - depending on rate of progression and starting level. The beginner lessons will give you a taste of this amazing sport. They will include both theory and practical elements aiming to make you comfortable on the water so that you will soon be able to safely go out windsurfing unsupervised.

If you are interested in taking part, email me your number and I will add you to a WhatsApp group. I will be monitoring the weather and when it looks suitable I will post a time and date in this group. Then group members will be free to reserve these time slots on a first come first served basis.

Feel free to email me at colemanpatrick@outlook.com with any questions.